COVID-19 Suicide and Overdose Call Data – Troy, Ohio

Let’s talk about numbers. Americans have 1% chance of contracting Covid-19 and .04% chance of dying from it.

Year to date suicide calls in Troy, Ohio, our community, have increased 267%.

Two hundred and sixty-seven percent.

We cannot live in fear, we must care for our family, neighbors, and community.








Over the years we’ve been at war with a raging drug epidemic. Through so much work in our community, we were seeing amazing headway on fighting the drug  epidemic that’s been plaguing too many families for years.

Sadly, year to date, we have a 178% increase in overdose calls in 2020.

This is heartbreaking to see in our community.

We cannot continue to live in fear over Covid-19 and allow individuals to be in isolation fighting suicide and overdose alone.





As a community, we must be aware of the true numbers and data in our community.

Overdose calls year to date are up 178%. Suicide calls year to date are up 267%.

1% of Americans have contracted COVID-19 and .04% have died from it. 


State Representative Jena Powell is currently serving her first term as a state representative. She represents the 80th Ohio House District, which encompasses Miami County and a portion of Darke County. For more information, contact Rep Powell’s office at 614-466-8114 or

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