‘Hometown Hero’ Special Guest Nomination

Anyone can be a hero! We have incredible Moms, Teachers, Pastors, Janitors, Doctors, Volunteers, Nurses, Dads, and Tutors in our communities. No matter who you are, you make a difference in the life of others.  

Nominate YOUR “Hometown Hero” to be the special guest of State Rep. Jena Powell at the 2020 “State of the State” address by Governor Mike DeWine – on March 31st, at 12:00PM in Columbus.

‘Hometown Hero’ Nomination Form

The chosen nominee will get two tickets for the ‘State of the State’ in Columbus to join Rep. Powell for the afternoon.

Afternoon includes:

  • Tour of the Statehouse
  • Lunch at the Statehouse
  • Address by Governor Mike DeWine
  • Reception in the Governors official office

*Winner will be announced March 16th. Portal closes March 15th for nomination!

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  1. Kim Bulgin
    Kim Bulgin says:

    I am delighted to nominate my gentle giant husband, Greg Bulgin as our hometown hero. He has served his country for 18 years and still currently serving in the United States Air Force on active duty. Not only does he serve his country, but he still finds time to serve his family and his community. He volunteers as a coach for children’s sports teams, he volunteers at church in the security and hospitality with me. When he is not deployed you can find him in nature, hiking, hunting or fishing. He is an amazing life partner and shares the load of house chores and responsibilities with me. He tag teams with our four children with homework, bedtime routine and running them from place to place. He is respectful, honest and genuine. He is our hometown hero every day!


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