Thank you for your support! You can donate to Jena Powell’s campaign by using the form on this page. If you wish to pay by check, please download, print and complete our contribution form using the link below and mail it to:

Friends of Jena Powell
524 1/2 S. Broadway
Greenville, OH 45331

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The maximum an individual may contribute is $12,707.79. The maximum a couple may contribute is $25,415.58 per election cycle (pre-primary cycle and postprimary cycle).

The maximum contribution per individual is $12,707.79 per election (2018 Primary/2018 General election). Corporate contributions are prohibited. Partnerships, LLCs and other unincorporated entities may contribute, but must include the name of an owner to whom to attribute the contribution. Ohio law requires that all contributors must provide their name and address regardless of the amount of the contribution and the name of their employer if the contribution is for more than $100. If the contributor is self employed, the business name and occupation of the contributor must be provided. Ohio law in general prohibits the award of state contracts and businesses if contributions from owners of the contracting entity or their spouses or an affiliated PAC have exceeded certain limits during the 24 months prior to the award of the contract. The law also limits contributions after the award of a contract. State employees are prohibited from donating to the campaign and should disregard this invitation.