March 17th, 2020 – COVID-19 Update

What’s happening in Ohio with COVID-19?

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Below is helpful Information For Constituents/Businesses In Need:

Unemployment Benefits
To file claim:
To view updated rules:

Small Business Disaster Relief
Impacted Ohio Small Businesses can contact Ohio Development Services Agency for assistance: Email:

Small Business Admin Disaster Relief has set a three step process for funding/loan assistance:
Hotline: 800-659-2955

Bar/Restaurant: Liquor Buy Back Program
For questions regarding the one-time high proof liquor buy back, please contact the Liquor Enterprise Service Center
Hotline: 877-812-0013

Please contact my office at (614) 466-8114 to be of any assistance with other additional needs.

Virtual Ohio (K-12) has talent – Win free ice cream!

Across our community and state parents and kids alike need some fun in this season! Since K-12 students are off school until April 3rd we want to give YOU the chance to WIN FREE ice cream for the summer, otherwise known as 100 days of ice cream!!! This FUN contest happens in your home and all you need is a phone and internet connection!

Here is how you enter to win:
1- Each week we have a different talent to showcase!
2- Practice, plan, and RECORD your (or your students) talent. Talent can be done alone, with the family, or friends!
3- Upload on Instagram or Facebook and tag @VoteJenaPowell with the age of your child and brief explanation of talent.
4- Winner will be chosen based upon originality and talent! We will direct message winner for gift card to come directly to you!

*BEST TALENT – March 16-20: Tag is @votejenapowell on Instagram or Facebook with a video of your talent. Whether alone, a friend act, or with the family…we’re excited to see your talent! All talents welcome no matter how big or small! Singing, joke telling, dancer, world champion backyard basketball player, talented whistler? We want to see it all! Winner of a $100 McDonald gift card will be announce on March 21st.

*FAVORITE JOKE – March 23-27: Tag is @votejenapowell on Instagram or Facebook with a video telling us your best joke! Winner of a $100 McDonald gift card will be announce on March 28th.

*PAINT OUR COMMUNITY – March 30th-April 3rd: Tag is @votejenapowell on Instagram or Facebook with a painting, drawing, coloring, etc. a picture of your favorite part about our community or state! Please take a photo of your student holding the art they are entering. Winner of a $100 McDonald gift card will be announce on April 4th.

Tell your kids and join the fun!

Event details can be found here:

-Jena Powell

Powell Statement on Coronavirus

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jena Powell (R-Arcanum) has released the following statement amid concerns of the coronavirus:

“I want to take this time to give an update to the people of the 80th Ohio House district on the coronavirus situation. Governor DeWine recently announced that all public, private, and charter schools will close at the end of school on Monday, March 16 until April 3.

Additionally, DeWine originally announced that the Ohio Departments of Health and Veterans Services issued an order limiting the number of visitors to nursing homes and assisted living facilities to one person per resident per day. However, this has changed as DeWine stated today that in the coming days he will issue an order to stop all visitations to nursing homes. Further, another order was issued to ban gatherings of more than 100 people in a single room throughout Ohio.

We must ensure that our public stays informed on this issue, such as following some of these cleanliness tips:

  • Frequently wash and scrub your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds
    • Cough or sneeze into your arm or shoulder; or, use a tissue and wash your hands afterward
    • Clean surfaces and objects that are touched often
    • Make a habit of NOT touching your face
    • And if you or your child is sick, stay home, except to get medical care
  • Contain germs by steering clear of others who are sick

I am very appreciative of both our health departments at the state and local levels in their efforts to combat and contain the coronavirus across our state. We all must work together to keep our families, children, and neighbors as educated and healthy as possible during this time.

For more updates and to answer any further questions you may have regarding the coronavirus, I encourage you to visit or call 1-833-427-5634. If you have any further concerns, feel free to reach out to my office by emailing or calling 614-466-8114.



State Representative Jena Powell is currently serving her first term as a state representative. She represents the 80th Ohio House District, which encompasses Miami County and a portion of Darke County.

For more information, contact Rep Powell’s office at 614-466-8114 or

Press Conference, Bill Update, and February News!

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been hard at work in pushing forward several important pieces of legislation during this second year of the 133rd General Assembly.



Most recently, I held a press conference introducing the Save Women’s Sports Act. The Save Women’s Sports Act makes sure that women are not forced to compete against men playing on women’s sports teams. The bill would designate male and female sports teams be based upon the biological sex of an individual, meaning that biological males cannot play on female teams.


This bill ensures that every little girl who works hard to make it on a podium is not robbed of her chance by a biological male competing against her in a biological female sport. We want every little girl to achieve her athletic dream here in the state of Ohio.


This is just one of many other bills I have recently introduced and I hope you scroll below to read more about other bill updates! I feel very proud to be able to represent you and your concerns at the Ohio Statehouse. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions you may have and I assure you that my office will be in touch.


-Jena Powell


The bills that we have been working on uphold our conservative values. They are pro-business and pro-family bills that increase freedom for individuals and families in our state. For more details on these bills, you can visit my website at

HB 196 – Unjust [501c(3)] Fitness Center Tax Act

-Passed Unanimously out of Ways & Means Committee

This bill corrects a tax error that started in 1992 that mistakenly added sales tax to non-profit fitness center memberships here in Ohio. This Act will sowwlve this problem by exempting 501(c)(3) memberships from les tax, saving Ohioans $10 million.


HB 197 – Tax Code Streamlining & Correction Act

-Passed Unanimously out of Senate Committee

This tax clean-up bill corrects over 100 errors in the tax code, which will ultimately make the tax code easier for Ohioans to read and understand.

HB 258 – Expanded Apprenticeships Act

-First Hearing

This bill will expand Ohio’s workforce by getting individuals into the workforce faster through expanding apprenticeship programs. HB 258 will allow individuals in certain occupations to use a certified apprenticeship program (with paid work and hands-on training) towards completing their occupational license.

HB 297 – Strong Families Tax Act

-Passed out of House Ways & Means Committee

Joint-sponsored with Rep. Tim Ginter, HB 297 will authorize a nonrefundable tax credit for a taxpayer’s cash contributions to any qualifying pregnancy resource centers. This bill will help protect life’s most vulnerable individuals, unborn children, and protect their right to life while providing support for mothers and families.

HB 312 – Small Business Crowdfunding Act

-First Hearing in the Senate

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have enough challenges without government invoking more roadblocks to success. HB 312 will allow Ohioans to raise up to $5 million through intrastate equity crowdfunding, which can be used to start, grow, or expand their businesses.

HB 399 – Cosmetology Licensing Reform Act

-Third Hearing in the House

This Act will lower the state mandated licensure hour requirements for cosmetologists, hair designers, and barbers, which will allow students to enter the workforce faster. It will authorize distance learning, and allow on-demand scheduling and working in a salon to increase flexibility and training experience for students.


HB 415 – Prosecuting Trafficking Proceeds Act

-Second Hearing in the House

This bill aims to target pimps and traffickers by making receiving the proceeds from human trafficking or prostitution a crime. Anyone who knowingly receives money, or anything of value from a prostitute that was exchanged for sexual activity will be charged with a crime. This bill will aid in the fight against human sex trafficking in the state of Ohio, assisting law enforcement in being able to charge pimps and traffickers and connect them with illegal activity.


HB 432 – License Reciprocity Act

-First Hearing in the House

Part of solving the workforce shortage in Ohio is for us to allow reciprocity in Ohio for those who hold out-of-state occupational licenses. We want people to come to Ohio and become a part of our communities. HB 432 will make it easier for individuals to move to and work in Ohio, recognizing that workers don’t lose their skills when they cross a state border.


HB 446 – Stop Elder Abuse License Plate

This bill will create the “Stop Elder Abuse” license plate. Too many of our elderly loved ones are easily abused and mistreated, and it is critical that we bring awareness to this issue.


HR 180 – Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis

-Fourth Hearing in the House

This resolution acknowledges that Ohio is the fourth worst state in the nation for reports of human trafficking. This resolution also recognizes that sex trafficking, prostitution, and pornography are interrelated. Due to this, our resolution declares pornography a public health crisis that must be addressed through education, prevention, research, and policy changes at the community level to confront this crisis.

HB 486 – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Fraud Act

Current law does not provide any legal recourse for women and their children who find out years later that a doctor used his own sperm to imprenate a woman without her consent. This bill would make it a third degree felony for a licensed health care professional to purposely use human reproductive material from a donor without the patient’s consent.


HB 527 – Save Women’s Sports Act

The legislation will ensure that women will not have to compete against men playing on women’s sports teams. It would make male and female sports to be based on the biological sex of an individual.

Where was Jena in January and February?

January 15 ­– Attended Miami County Police Chiefs Meeting and Covington Noon Optimists Meeting

January 17 – Toured the Troy Goodwill and met with Riverside Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities

January 27 – First Community Conversations with Rep. Jena Powell was held in Troy

January 29 – Tippecanoe Boys Soccer Team is recognized at the Statehouse for their State Championship Title

January 30 – Sponsor Testimony on H.B. 415, Prosecuting Trafficking Proceeds Act

February 10 – Guest on WRFD 880 AM discussing Prosecuting Trafficking Proceeds Act

February 13 – Cedarville University College Republicans visit the Statehouse

February 13 – Guest on “The State of Business with the Ohio Society of CPAs”

February 14  Met with Southwest Ohio Center Right group

February 24  Attends Elder Abuse Commission Meeting

February 25  H.B. 197, Tax Code Streamlining and Corrections Act, passes unanimously in the Ohio Senate Ways and Means Committee

February 25 ­ Save Women’s Sports Act Press Conference

Seeking “HOMETOWN HERO” Submissions!
Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter. I hope it has served as a helpful update to you regarding what we are doing in Columbus and throughout the district.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office with any questions at 614-466-8114 or


-Jena Powell

‘Hometown Hero’ Special Guest Nomination

Anyone can be a hero! We have incredible Moms, Teachers, Pastors, Janitors, Doctors, Volunteers, Nurses, Dads, and Tutors in our communities. No matter who you are, you make a difference in the life of others.  

Nominate YOUR “Hometown Hero” to be the special guest of State Rep. Jena Powell at the 2020 “State of the State” address by Governor Mike DeWine – on March 31st, at 12:00PM in Columbus.

‘Hometown Hero’ Nomination Form

The chosen nominee will get two tickets for the ‘State of the State’ in Columbus to join Rep. Powell for the afternoon.

Afternoon includes:

  • Tour of the Statehouse
  • Lunch at the Statehouse
  • Address by Governor Mike DeWine
  • Reception in the Governors official office

*Winner will be announced March 16th. Portal closes March 15th for nomination!

Constituent Office Hours

Have a question about state policy? Drop by or schedule a meeting in advance with our constituent liaison.

First Monday of the Month
February, March, May, July, September & November

TROY: 10:00-11:30 AM
Location: Troy-Miami Library

Arcanum: 12:00-1:30 PM
Arcanum Public Library

If you have questions please email or call 1(614)-466-8114

State Representatives Powell And Ginter Highlight Proposed Tax Credit To Support Strong Families

Enhancing strong family health throughout the state of Ohio is an important issue for State Representatives Tim Ginter (R-Salem) and Jena Powell (R-Arcanum). Last year, Ginter and Powell introduced House Bill 297 and it recently passed in the House Ways and Means Committee.

The legislation allows individuals to receive an income tax credit for a cash contribution to qualifying non-profit Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). Ginter explained the significance of PRCs during committee testimony.

“Pregnancy Resource Centers located across Ohio provide services for pregnant women such as prenatal care, counseling and other resources during a critical and often stressful time in their lives,” said Ginter.

Powell believes the legislation focuses on further assisting those families who receive care they need at PRCs.

“I’m excited to work on legislation that helps strengthen men, women, and children in the state of Ohio,” said Powell. “This is a great bill that will do just that by families receiving a nonrefundable tax credit for their donations to pregnancy resource centers.”

Last year, the Ohio General Assembly passed budget legislation that provides $7.5 million in federal assistance to these centers for the next two years. However, with over 100 PRCs in Ohio, Ginter indicates the importance of supporting local funding for these centers.

“It is only sensible that we provide avenues of health care that are not totally dependent upon government funding,” said Ginter. “Pregnancy Resource Centers help to take some of the strain off of government while at the same time providing another avenue of care for women with limited resources. The latest studies show that at least 90 percent of PRCs funding come via donations from the local community.”

Within local communities, most PRCs offer parenting classes, diapers, pregnancy tests, and other resources for pregnant women and their families. Minimal or zero cost is inflicted upon those seeking aid at a PRC. Additionally, several PRCs do offer medical and prenatal care from licensed medical professionals, such as Womankind in Garfield Heights.

“With a proven track record, pregnancy resource centers have aided many individuals and families seeking care,” said Ginter. “I continue to believe that not only does it help those in need, but PRCs are a positive investment for our state financially, and more importantly, in the improved health and lives saved through these centers.”

Occupational Licensing Reciprocity Reform

Occupational Licensing Reciprocity Reform‘ is a huge step in the right direction for our state. Signaling to the nation that Ohio is open for business.
⬇️Read more below:

PRESS CONFERENCE: Occupational Licensing Reciprocity Reform

Last week Rep. George Lang (R) and Rep. Jena Powell (R) had the pleasure of unveiling legislation to allow reciprocity in Ohio for out-of-state license holders. 

This year, Arizona became the first state to broadly recognize out-of-state licenses. Ohio can become the second state in the nation to do so with this legislation.

Part of solving the workforce shortage in Ohio is helping people enter the workforce faster, and encouraging people who already hold licenses in other states to want to move to and/or work in Ohio.

After the lengthy process and the financial investment that people have already gone through in another state to receive their license, they don’t want to have to add to that an extensive wait in Ohio. Current law discourages qualified individuals from moving to our state, filling needed jobs, and investing in our communities. 

We know that Ohio is an incredible place to live. We want people to be able to move here and invest in our communities. One of the barriers to this happening is the fact that Ohio currently does not recognize out-of-state licenses.  If we recognize out-of-state licenses, we will send a bold message to the rest of the country that Ohio is open for business. Come and practice your trade in our communities.

We can be on the leading edge and solving the workforce shortage in our state by passing this critical legislation.

To read more check the Dayton Daily News article here.

Rep. Powell Sponsor Testimony: Cosmetology Reform Act

Rep. Powell Sponsor Testimony: Cosmetology Reform Act

Below is sponsor testimony given to the House State and Local Government Committee

Chairman Wiggam, Vice Chair Stephens, Ranking Member Kelly, and members of the House State and Local Government Committee, thank you for the opportunity to present sponsor testimony on HB 399.

The Cosmetology Reform Act will comprehensively reform Ohio’s occupational licensures as well as cosmetology and barber laws, and seeks to make Ohio the national model in this area.

This bill seeks to: (1) focus on cosmetology student success in entering the beauty industry with less debt and greater ability to repay student loans; (2) facilitate a continuous workforce development pipeline for salons; (3) reduce the amount of unnecessary regulations placed on members of the cosmetology industry, and make it easier for Ohioans to begin or expand their business in the state. From small business owners to aspiring cosmetologists, mostly women and minorities, this legislation would remove significant barriers to success.

This legislation is written to accomplish the following goals:

  1. License mobility/reciprocity – Ohio is open for business.  The license reciprocity language creates license mobility and facilitates movement between different states for a more mobile workforce.  It strives to minimize the tendency of stylists to drop out of the industry or go underground due to a lengthy license transfer process, and enables multi-state employers to relocate employees, increasing their career opportunities.  Three states, Arizona, Montana, and Pennsylvania, recently passed legislation to remove barriers to work for all active licensees from other states to begin working within days, not months when moving into those states.
  2. Allows on-demand scheduling and working outside a salon – Several beauty industry licensees need to provide on-site cosmetology services for weddings, films and special occasions around the state outside of a bricks and mortar salon.  Our legislation ensures that the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board (OSCBB) can ensure such services can be performed on-site and with reasonable requirements for licensees to ensure public safety.
  3. Lowers state mandated licensure hour requirements. Lower the Ohio requirement for cosmetology licensure hours from 1,500 to 1,000; reduce hair designer licensure hours from 1,200 to 800; and reduces barber hours from 1,800 to 1,000.  Independent research and successful models in New York, Massachusetts, and now Vermont and Texas, show there is no justification for requiring more than 1,000 hours of education for cosmetology or barber licensure.
  4. Provides Licensees with 1,500 hours of training an Intermediate License – This change ensures that all licensees that have completed 1,500 by the effective date of this bill will receive an intermediate license.  It also provides public and private schools the opportunity to establish a higher level of training for future licensees as an elective course without being state required hours.
  5. Creates a cosmetology apprentice process for licensure – Several private schools of cosmetology have closed their doors in the last 4 years.  This is leading to significant concern for small salons across the state to ensure a steady stream of new licensees are becoming licensed in Ohio.  The apprenticeship program in our bill is modeled after more than 20 states, like Wisconsin, Tennessee and Alabama.  This program will provide salon owners the opportunity to become a provider and future cosmetology licensees the ability to work and earn a wage while working toward licensure rather than taking on student loan debt.
  6. Sets schools of cosmetology up for success and consistency across state lines – One area focuses on requiring pre-graduate testing for public and private school students.  Two states, Arizona and Illinois, recently enacted such changes.  This change not only gives students the opportunity to get remedial training if they fail, but allows graduates to be licensed immediately upon graduation, moving into the workforce sooner to earn wages, pay taxes, and begin repaying loans.  In addition, the bill authorizes distance learning to provide maximum flexibility for students to learn when and where convenient and lowers the cost for schools traditional on-site, bricks and mortar classrooms.

As most of you have heard me say, I am on a mission to make Ohio the most business-friendly state in the nation. One of the biggest steps we can take in that direction is to stop overregulating individuals in our state. It is time we move forward to make Ohio a more attractive place for individuals to live, work, play, and raise families in our communities.

Thank you again for the opportunity to present HB 399, the Cosmetology Reform Act, and I am happy to answer any questions from the Committee at this time.