Congratulations, Franklin Monroe Graduates!

Congratulations, Franklin Monroe Class of 2020!

A big congrats to this hard-working class of graduates! Wishing you all the best in your futures.

Tyler Adams

Joshua  Albright

Dylan Arling

Jacob Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong

Jacob Aslinger

Hannah Berry

Allyce Bond

Chloe Brumbaugh

Audrey Cable

Isabella Cable

Justin Chen

Corina Conley

Austin   Cool

Kenneth Cope

Matthew Detling

Brydon Diceanu

Haylee  Floyd

Logan    Garber

Caden   Goins

Dalton   Goubeaux

Claire     Haviza

Jarod     Hegemier

Chloe    Henninger

Oliver    Kelly

Justin    Kiefer

Keara    Knepshield

Wilbur   Meyer

Simon   Mote

Chase    Osterday

Kelby     Oswalt

Hannah Pemberton

Chloe    Peters

Andreya Reder

Madison Rismiller

Mackenzie Rock

Charity  Shellabarger

Christiana Singer

Madelynn Stacy

Elizabeth Swain

John Thomas

Rebecca Trent

Timithy Vandyke

Allison   Warner

James   Waterbury

Selene  Weaver

Hunter  Willoughby

Nolan Yeomans

Jarin Young

-Office of State Rep. Jena Powell

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