The Democrats in the US Senate are holding up almost 2 Trillion dollars of needed aid to hurting Americans. Why? Because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refuses to pass a bill without adding emissions mandates for airplanes, tax credits for solar and wind energy, and $35 Million for the JFK Performing Arts Center – pet projects that have NOTHING to do with the pandemic Americans are experiencing right now.

In crises like this, we expect our politicians to set aside partisan labels and work together for the good of America. However imperfect it is, the Senate bill has many provisions to save businesses, to help families, and to support the heroes on the front lines of this war we are in. It includes dozens of ideas from Democrats and Republicans alike, crafted in bipartisan working groups (of which Senator Rob Portman was a major part).

Instead of coming together, Democrats (including Senator Sherrod Brown) are using this pandemic as a vehicle to enact their dream proposals. They voted against a bill that contained many of their own ideas in an act of craven partisanship.

A top Democrat in Congress called the Coronavirus pandemic “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” I am so saddened that our leaders are treating this emergency as a chance to sneak their personal agendas past the American people.

Democrats, it’s time to stop playing chicken with the retirement of hard-working American families. Put aside your party allegiance and do what’s right for America. TODAY.

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