December Statehouse News Update, From the Desk of Rep. Jena Powell

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Savior! We have so much to be thankful for. Since getting sworn in on January 7th, I’ve been able to meet with so many of you either at the Statehouse for tours, meetings or in the district for coffee events. I’ve had the pleasure of fighting for you here in Columbus and learning about so many of you in our community. Two of our bills have passed the Ohio House, and are now in the Senate. We are continuing to work our bills through the process, and to work with other offices here in Columbus to do our best to make Ohio an even better place to live out your American dream.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and responsibility to represent you here in Columbus. It is truly an honor, and one that I do not take lightly.

We are incredibly blessed to be part of an amazing community, celebrating Christmas and a New Year. As we are in the Christmas season, we want to remember that the reason why we are celebrating is the birth of our Savior, which brings us joy and hope.

Happy New Year!

-Jena Powell


Over the past year, we’ve had some incredible wins in the legislature:

Protecting Life! We passed the Heartbeat Bill, which protects life in the womb from the moment a heartbeat is detected.

Tax Cuts! We passed a 4% income tax cut.

Reducing Regulations! One in, two out. With every new regulation a government agency adds, they have to remove two old ones.

The bills that we have been working on uphold our conservative values. They are pro-business and pro-family bills that increase freedom for individuals and families in our state.


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