My name is Jena Powell.

I grew up in southern Darke County bouncing around the back seat of my dad’s pickup truck with my six brothers and sisters as my mom hauled grain in from the fields. My family has been farming for generations. In the late summer, I would show sheep at the Great Darke County Fair and then run off to drink fresh shaken lemonade and play ski-ball.  This district holds the memories of a childhood well spent and the hopes of an unfolding future.

After receiving a degree from Liberty University in Business Marketing, I began working to build my own company. When I was 18 years old, I made my first sales call, right here, in the district. I was so nervous to knock at my first prospect’s door, my palms were sweating and my knees were shaking. Thankfully, much like the citizens of Southern Darke and Miami counties, the business owners in our community are some of the kindest, and most supportive you could hope to find. They were patient with me when I was just starting out, stammering through my sales pitch. Today, thanks in large part to our community,  I negotiate and do business with some of the largest businesses not just in our district, but in the entire Greater Dayton region, and throughout Ohio.

I believe the future holds a lot of promise for the people and businesses of Ohio’s 80th House District. I’m currently renovating a home that has fallen into disrepair here in the district. A diamond in the rough. I’ve seen dozens of my friends grow up and leave the district because they believed there was more opportunity elsewhere. I have a seven year old sister who started selling fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the family farm this past year. I loved watching her eyes light up as she sold her first dozen ears of corn, realizing the return of all the time she had invested in caring for and growing the produce throughout the summer. It is my hope that, like me, she chooses to remain in the district when she grows up. Like you, I have a desire to see more young people choosing to build their lives and pursue opportunities right here at home.

In order to make that dream a reality, we have some work to do.

The establishment in Columbus isn’t listening to what we need, and your voices aren’t being heard. To represent the needs of Ohio’s House District 80, so that everyone in this district can go hard after their dreams and experience life to the fullest, right here at home.

I hope you’ll join the team to fight for our values at the Statehouse.


Jena Powell