OP-ED: Media Lies vs. Reality – Our Community Cares

 Media Lies vs. Reality – Our Community Cares

It is easy to look at the past six months and see only hardship throughout our nation. But, if you look a bit closer, it is not hard to see the solidarity that our community has shown. If you look at social media and turn on the news, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like riots are filling our streets and deep-rooted hate is the norm across America. But I don’t believe it. Our community is more than what the media portrays. Our community is full of loving individuals who risk it all for the sake of one another.

Let’s stop allowing the liberal media to tear our community apart. As your state representative, I get a special inside look, a peak behind the curtains. I’ve talked to thousands of people in OH-80 (Miami and Darke counties) in the past couple months. Here is just some of what I’ve learned and want to share with you.

Our community is generous with love and care

A couple months back, I did a Facebook Live and told the story of a young mom who wasn’t receiving her unemployment money. I left the Facebook live and put down my phone. An hour later, I came back to numerous messages from individuals asking to help this young mom – covering everything from food to paying her rent. These messages came from people both financially well off, as well as others who were barely making it themselves. I was humbled and blown away by the generosity.

Businesses stepped up in the face of uncertainty

When COVID first hit, schools were closed and children had to learn from home. This left many children without a place for daily food. The schools were working overtime to help, but were also overloaded with transitioning all classes to online schooling. Business owners stepped up, and provided free food for many kids, until the schools could transition to delivering meals or having drop-off locations for food. Thousands of children in our community were fed, on the dime of small business owners who didn’t know if they would have to permanently close down themselves. Truly heroic efforts by women and men business owners practically caring for our children.

Servant-hearted law enforcement

A couple months ago, I stopped by a nonprofit in our community. As I was looking around, I saw a police officer playing with young boys, teaching them about sports, and talking about life. Law enforcement in our community protect us well, and they are deeply about the welfare of our community. Law and order must be preserved. The officers in our community do everything they can to build relationships and make it safe for people to walk our streets. The heart and kindness of these officers will never be portrayed by the media, but I see it on display weekly.


I’m proud of our community. I’m proud of our businesses. I’m proud of the families who sacrifice daily for others. The liberal media skews the truth, and wants us to turn on our neighbors and friends. Our community will not stand for the lies the media is trying to stuff down our throats.

We stand for truth. We stand for law and order. We stand for the American flag, and we will continue caring for our community.

-Jena Powell

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